• Shirts – Veritas shirt (not athletics’ shirts)

  • Pants – Khaki or black pants and slacks or jogger STYLE DRESS pants must be worn by boys and girls each day. Jeans may only be worn on Fridays. YAY! No skinny jeans or leggings/yoga pants/sweats. No ripped or torn jeans will be allowed. 

  • Shorts – khaki, navy, or black-mid-thigh or longer (front and back)- NO SPORTS SHORTS

  • Skirts –  mid-thigh or longer (front and back).  Secondary skirts/skorts must be from the APPROVED SKIRT LIST ONLY (See the handbook). 

Elementary: students must wear tights or shorts underneath.

  • Shoes – Close toed shoes must be worn for PE and science lab days. Open toed shoes may be worn with parental discretion. 

  • Outerwear – Outerwear can be any single, solid color (no stripes, plaid, or any additional designs) with a logo the size of a quarter (coin) or smaller. Veritas t-shirts must still be worn under the router wear.

  • Hats/Hoods – No hats or hoods or head coverings should be worn in the buildings.

  • Friday: Veritas spirit wear may be worn and must align with the rest of the dress code. Jeans may only be worn on Fridays. YAY! No skinny jeans or leggings/yoga pants/sweats. No ripped or torn jeans will be allowed. 

Veritas offers affordable lunch options for students all days except Thursdays.

Students are allowed to bring their own bag lunch as well if not interested in the hot lunch option. Microwaves are available for students to use.

Email to request this month’s meal calendar.

If you have a heart for teaching, love kids, seek to further your purpose in Kingdom work, and desire to work in a Christian environment- maybe it’s time to consider teaching at Veritas Christian School. 

We are now accepting applications for the 23-24 academic year. We have the following positions open:

  • Secondary Spanish
  • Secondary Computer
  • Substitutes all levels

If interested, please complete our faculty application. We look forward to meeting and possibly working with you.

Veritas Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national/ethnic origin in regard to hiring. 

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Email Linda Walton at to request a copy of the current handbook.

Family involvement is one of the pillars of our school and a key factor in making Veritas such an excellent environment to learn and grow. Parent Teacher Fellowship is one way to get involved and encourage our faculty. PTF organizes teacher appreciation weeks and meals for teachers during professional development days.
Open communication and strong relationships between families and teachers are qualities that set Veritas apart from other educational choices. For more information on how you can get involved, please email us at All hours spent serving with PTF also go towards each family’s service hours for the school year.
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The Underground (formerly Moms’ Prayer Team) would like to invite all Veritas moms (as well as Grandmas, Aunts, and other lady prayer warriors) to join us in our weekly prayer meeting on Thursdays at 8:00am (right after drop-off). We pray for each individual student, teacher, staff, board member, as well as school events. Our prayer time is approximately one hour. If you do not feel comfortable praying out loud, we would love you to join us in silent (or not so silent) agreement. You do not have to commit to every week, but we would love if if you did! We meet in the art room.

For more information about The Underground, email 

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