Kindergarten Half Day AM 8:05 – 11:30

Kindergarten Full Day 8:05-3:05

K-Quest Half Day PM 12:30-3:05 (3 or 5 days per week) K-Quest is for 4-5 year olds who aren’t old enough for Kindergarten, but are seeking more challenge in a structured academic environment beyond preschool.

Fun reading time in 1st Grade

– Small Class sizes

– Exceptional, loving, Christian teachers (Mrs. Biggerstaff, our Kindergarten teacher was awarded as Best of Lawrence Teacher, 5th place in overall voting among all elementary teachers in Lawrence!)

– Academically strong program to prepare each student for a successful educational journey



Bible: Bible lessons take children through an overview of the Bible introducing Old and New Testament stories and characters, with a focus on God’s plan of salvation through Jesus. In addition, children will learn weekly Bible verses and participate in singing and prayer. Kindergartners will join the elementary students for chapels.

Singing and bells at the Christmas Program

Singing and bells at the Christmas Program














• Bible themed story books covering a variety of topics including God’s character, His plan of Salvation and Biblical character traits that show our love for God and others
• Children will participate in singing, prayer, and Bible verse songs
Reading/Language Arts:
• Visual and auditory discrimination
• Basic rhyming skills
• Directional concepts
• Classifications
• Alphabet memorization
• Identification of letter/sound correspondence
• Literary experiences using stories, poetry, and nonfiction to expand vocabulary and support reading skills
• Using age-appropriate, tactile and kinesthetic methods, students are introduced to the mechanics of writing, proper letter and number formation including writing first name
• Learning concrete mathematical concepts-patterns
• Sorting and comparing sets, non standard measurements, predictions, and calendar mechanics
• Students count to 30 with one-to-one correspondence
Social Studies:
• Experiencing holidays with a Christian perspective: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter all provide rich opportunities to examine and share our Christian traditions
• Experiencing science in an exciting hands-on format
• Students plant seeds, take care of class pets, discover their five senses, notice seasonal and weather changes, observe the life cycles of butterflies, hatch chicks in an incubator, and observe Kansas wildlife
• Art experiences and age-appropriate crafts are incorporated into every subject.
• Emphasis is on the “process” rather than the outcome, creating an environment where exploratory learning is key.
• Singing a wide range of songs using a steady beat and finding ones singing voice.
Physical Education:
• Exploration, creative movement, and group games
• Practice of basic skills: hopping, skipping, jumping, running, throwing, catching, and bouncing a ball



• Daily devotions including prayer and memory work
• Overview of the Bible presented through Bible lessons from Genesis through the life of Christ
Language Arts:
• Alphabet memorization
• Recognition of capital and lowercase letters
• Identification of letter/sound correspondence
• Long and short vowel sounds
• Basic rhyming skills
• Left to right progression
• Recognition of essential sight words
• Reading simple sentences and stories
• Appreciation of a variety of stories and poems
• Memorization of poems and rhymes
• Writing first and last name
• Formation of letters, words, and sentences
• Identification of circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares
• Using manipulatives for sorting, classifying, and patterning activities
• Number recognition and counting 1-100
• Writing numerals 1-30
• Value of coins: penny, nickel, and dime
• Making and interpreting simple graphs
• Using terms equal, greater than, less than
• Calendar use: days of week and months in sequence
• Telling time to the hour
• Adding and subtracting simple number sentences
Science/Social Studies:
• Units on: seasons, plants, animals, the earth and solar system, the five senses, families, holidays,  and recognizing maps of Kansas, the United States, and the world
• A variety of cutting, pasting, coloring, painting, drawing, and three dimensional projects which     are incorporated throughout the curriculum
Music & Physical Education:
• These classes are taught for twenty minutes twice a week



Field Trips: Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch in October is a favorite! The Prairie Park Nature Center provides opportunities to learn about Kansas wildlife and habitats, and a picnic in the spring or visit to a farm is a fun conclusion to the year.

Concerts: Our Christmas and spring programs are highlights of the year! All Veritas elementary students along with secondary choir participate and perform before a large audience of family and friends.



Muffins with Mom

Donuts with Dad

Grandparents Day




• To help you evaluate your child’s readiness for K-Quest, we recommend the following list of guidelines:
• 4 years old by September 1st
• Separate easily from parents
• Listens and follows at least two simple directions at one time
• Speaks clearly enough to be understood by the teacher
• Notices and talks about changes in his/her environment
• Enjoys listening quietly to stories and comprehends age-appropriate materials
• Independently uses the toilet and fastens articles of clothing with minimal assistance
• Has a cooperative attitude
• Engages in a single activity for at least 5 minutes at one time
• Obeys clearly defined rules, responds well to redirection and  positive discipline when necessary
• Uses words and asks for help to resolve conflict with peers
• Shows interest in and is excited about starting school



• There are many things you can do to help your child adjust to the kindergarten experience. At the beginning of the kindergarten year, it is appropriate and to your child’s advantage if he or she can do the following:
• Recite full name, address, and phone number
• Write first name
• Count to 20
• Recite the alphabet
• Listen when someone else is talking
• Stay focused or stay on task for 10 to 15 minutes
• Share and play with others
• Use crayons and scissors carefully
• Take care of toys and materials
• Put on a coat and fasten it, remove it, and hang it up in an orderly  way
• Fasten shoes
• Manage self-help skills: zipping, snapping, buckling, and buttoning
• Take care of bathroom needs independently and wash hands properly



• Fill out an application form      Admission Application
• Make an appointment by calling the office to set up an interview with the administrator
• Following the interview, leave your application and enrollment fee to secure a place in the class
• Additional forms will be given following your interview (statement of faith, immunization records, etc.)
• If you have concerns about your child’s readiness, you may schedule a screening with our Kindergarten teacher