Community Service

Veritas Christian School students play an active role in volunteering to improve the lives of area citizens. We have service projects in which all grades participate, along with a leadership program which allows high school students to participate in long term community leadership activities. Please read below letters of gratitude from non-profit leaders who received help from our students as part of our service day 2015!


Leadership Program

Veritas offers a Leadership course which allows students to go off campus to volunteer at area businesses such as the hospital, food banks, pregnancy care center, humane shelter and more.  Our students gain credit that can be helpful in their college application process and learn leadership skills that they can use later in life.

Some of our younger students stay on campus and help our younger students in their classrooms or they serve as aides for our elementary faculty.

Mrs. Bartlow and 6th graders on service project day

Mrs. Bartlow and 6th graders on service project day


Dear Mrs. Finger,

Just want to extend a huge thank you for setting up this service event and bringing on the kids and helpers! They were all great! Some of the best volunteers we have, and all with great attitudes and willingness to jump in. We got so much accomplished.

Thanks again for thinking of us, and please pass on our gratitude.

Sincerely, Durand Reiber

Hidden Valley Girls Scout Camp


Dear Mrs. Huslig,

Amazing! Incredible! Huge Blessing! Speechless!

Those are the words running through my mind this evening as I contemplate the work the high school students did at First Step at Lakeview today! No matter what we asked them to do, they served with a willing heart and a smile on their faces!

Our staff kept saying, “These teenagers are incredible.” “These kids are such hard workers.” “These youth are so fun to work with.’ “How respectful they are.” They noticed a huge difference in the Veritas students as compared to others who have been involved with our program in the past. I will tell you that our staff were a little apprehensive about the effort, not sure what to expect. But all of that apprehension disappeared within minutes of the youth beginning the projects. The DCCCA staff are excited by the possibility of this becoming an annual event.

The high school students of Veritas showed an outstanding testimony of God’s love to people who have had every reason in their life to question God’s love. The youth gave such a blessing to our staff and clients at the facility. It was such a treasured day to enjoy!

Thank you to all of the students and to the staff who accompanied them, who were every bit as awesome as the students. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of service they bestowed on us today! They blessed our socks off!

My only hope is that in some small way the youth came away with some blessing of their own by being involved with our program.

Blessings to everyone there!

Lori Alvarado