Admissions: Tuition

Tuition costs

  • The 2022-2023 tuition cost per student is $7725 for Kindergarten through 12th grade. There are family discounted rates that apply to the 2nd and 3rd child from the
    same family attending Veritas. After you pay for your first three children to attend Veritas, each additional child enrolled full-time is free!
  • Part-time Monday through Friday K-Quest tuition per student is $3,245.
  • See details here

For questions regarding current and future tuition please email

Full-time tuition will be paid over a 12 month period. Monthly payments are made June 1 and the 1st of the month for the 11 months after. If you enroll after June 1, the payments are prorated from the date of enrollment through May 1. There is also an option to pay in full for the year on June 1. Part-time students need to pay in full by July 1st.

*We offer 50% off tuition discounts for families who are full-time ministry workers. For more information, request a ministry discount application from

For an official tuition quote email Michelle Derry at

Homeschool and part time student opportunities

We love linking arms with homeschool families in their educational journey. We offer part-time specials for students to participate in such as Art, Music and P.E. for elementary students. Band is included for 5th and 6th Grade students. We also offer part-time classes for Junior High and High School Students.

Part-time cost per class, per semester, for students to attend specials:

Elementary specials are $260 per class, per semester

M-F (or block) class for Junior High is $660.00 per class, per semester

M-F (or block) class for High School is $$700.00 per class, per semester

A/B (special) class for Junior High is $330.00 per class, per semester

A/B (special) class for High School is $355.00 per class, per semester

For more information about homeschool and part-time student opportunities email

Financial aid

Many families at Veritas benefit from financial aid. Our financial aid program is a need-based program similar to those used by other private schools. This allows any family to apply for assistance towards the cost of their students’ tuition, making a Veritas education affordable to many students who could otherwise not attend our school.

It is not possible for a family or Veritas to estimate the amount that will be awarded without the completion of our financial aid application. These applications are submitted directly to FACTS, a third-party program. FACTS looks at each application and evaluates based on a set of criteria determined by Veritas. FACTS then makes a recommendation to the school of the financial aid to be given to the requesting family, and then notifies the family of the amount of financial assistance that they have been awarded.

If a family has a desire to be a part of Veritas Christian School, we want to help make that possible. For more information go to or to inquire further about our financial aid program, contact Michelle Derry at