Admissions: FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Email Michelle Derry to inquire about financial aid at

Read more about homeschool and part time student opportunities here.

Homeschool and part-time students can also play Veritas athletics in junior high and high school. Each student will need to pay a yearly athletic membership fee of $140 for first student, $100 for second, and $70 for the third. Each individual sport has an additional participation fee – $300 for football and $270 for all other sports. For more information, click the link to email LoGun Saiz

Yes, we offer 50% off tuition for families in full-time ministry. Click the link to email Michelle Derry for a full-time ministry discount application.

Parent and family involvement is part of what makes Veritas excellent! We truly believe that the school and family working together will help your child succeed. To incorporate family involvement in every area of school, we require 50 service hours per family, per academic year. (25 for Kindergarten families, none for K-Quest, and part-time families are prorated per percentage of enrollment). We do understand that life circumstances may require some families to participate less, so there is a buy-out option where each family would pay 10 dollars buy-out for each service hour.

Yes. At least one parent will need to sign and attest to our statement of faith. Students must complete and pass their grade assessment given by teacher.

We primarily use Purposeful Design in Elementary, published by ACSI. Many teachers supplement based on individual class needs. Secondary curriculum is varied based on grade levels. All curriculum is taught incorporating a Christian worldview.

Yes. Students wear uniform shirts with khaki or black shorts, pants, or skirts.

RenWeb is our student information system that families can use to access grades, information, and make payments. Parents will receive weekly updates by email from their child’s teacher as well as weekly general school updates. Teachers are available to meet in person, over the phone, or via email.

We believe small class sizes are crucial to your child’s education. Our student to teacher ratio is 8 to 1. Our average class size is 12 and we cap classes at 18.

For a copy of our Statement of Faith, click this link to email Mike Baker