Veritas society members and parents elect Board members to serve three year terms and we are grateful for their dedication and leadership.


Veritas Board of Directors:

President:  Larry Burmingham

Vice President:  Greg Hough

Secretary:  Sonja Everhart

Directors / Committee Chairs:

Admissions and Policy:  Kyle Billings, Lara Burger

Communications/Technology and Library: Chris Moore

Development and Public Relations: Burton Gepford, John Kumar

Elementary Curriculum:  Chris Moore, Burton Gepford

Facilities:  Micah Stegall, Greg Hough, Lara Burger

Finance:  Troy Gregory, John Kumar

Fundraising:  Kyle Billings

Human Resources:  Lara Burger, Burton Gepford

Secondary Curriculum:  Burton Gepford, Larry Burmingham, Lara Burger

Spiritual Life:  Burton Gepford

Sports/Co-Curricular:  Greg Hough